Section-mail E-mail client

Sun Jan 5 2003

New Relased V 2.1 This version have a littles changes:
- Fixed a SegFault
- Fixed the problem with the 80 columns limit

- More stable
Download and see :)

Tue Aug 6 2002

New Relased version 2.0. This version have a lot of change like:
- New interface
- More keys functions
- More confortable
- better code
Look new screenshots Here and download Here.

Mon Jul 22 2002

New Relased with some interface fixes and add UP and Down arrows
Version section-mail 1.2 look here

Thu Jul 18 2002

New Version with some little fixes in function() checkpoint
Version section-mail 1.1 here  (buggy)

Thu May 23 2002

Section-email is a E-mail client based in ncurses and C
The first and only(for now) version is 1.0
  • Support POP3  for read messages
  • Support SMTP for send mail
  • keep mail on server, delete from server or save to disk and then delete
  • They have config file for names and ports severs

For now only have this features. Its in develop state.