Section-mail E-mail client

Tue Aug 6 2002

README file:
Section-mail <>

Is a mail client for recive(pop3) and send(smtp)
mail. Its coded in ncurses and C, tested on
Linux RH <= 8.0, slack <= 8.0, FreeBSD.. To compile you
need ncurses libs and standar ansi C libs.

Compile and run:

1) Get the tar file from

2) $ tar zxvf section-mail-xxx.tar.gz
3) $ cd section-mail-x.x
4) $ make

5) Get UID 0 and do:
6) # make install

7) To RUN do:
8) $ section-mail
9) enjoy it...

This version(2.x) creats some files like "configuration
file" in "HOME"/.section.mail directory you need write

If you choice save and delete in the option
the program create a file called inbox.mails
in your HOME directory with the mail and then 
the program delete from server the mail.

If you delete any message and you want recover
the mail, press control-C and interrup the connection.

Any comments, bugs, patch's, changes or whatever
send a mail to